Sometimes going to an office and working with a therapist is not an option. This doesn't mean that you need to go without help, and that you're not able to learn the vital skills that are necessary to feeling better and living a life with less distress.

Through years of experience, I have created this online course to teach you how to manage and overcome depression. These are the same strategies and skills I use with patients in my office.

Seeking Happiness: Overcoming Depression was created to be an easy to navigate, practical, yet evidenced-based approach to overcoming symptoms of depression.

Please know, this course is not a replacement for therapy. Rather, it is meant to provide you with practical, easily applicable, and effective strategies for managing depression symptoms on your own.

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About the instructor

Instructor Title

Dr. Elyssa

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    The Approach

    • The Approach We Use

  • 3

    Understanding Depression

    • What is Depression?

    • Symptoms of Depression

    • Identify your symptoms of depression

    • Is Depression Curable?

    • Test your knowledge

  • 4

    Activity Monitoring

    • How Depression Can Impact Behavior

    • Activity Monitoring

  • 5

    Behavior Activation

    • Inaction vs Action

    • More about Behavioral Activation

    • Scheduling Activities

    • Activity Scheduling Worksheet

  • 6

    Monitor Your Thoughts and Activities

    • Why Do We Monitor Our Thoughts and Emotions?

    • What Monitoring Thoughts and Emotions Means

    • Thought Experiment Exercise

    • The Relationship Between Thoughts and Emotions

    • 3 Column Thought Record

  • 7

    Learn to Improve Thoughts by Thinking Objectively

    • Thoughts Are NOT Facts

    • Objective vs. Subjective Thinking

    • Thoughts Are Not Facts

    • Fact or Opinion

    • Cognitive Distortions

    • What Does It Mean To Challenge Thinking

  • 8

    Reframing Thoughts

    • The 3C's Approach

    • Questions to Ask Yourself to Reframe Thinking

    • A Note on Core Beliefs

  • 9

    Bringing It All Together

    • The Full Method

    • 5 Column Thought Record Example

    • 5 Column Thought Record

If you are ready to start making changes and to feel better, this is the course for you.

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